We created a different kind of digital denim design agency.

We are a design office that produces laser designs based on the request of the brands and the solutions of the manufacturers. We produce economical design-oriented solutions at every point where there is communication between the brand and the customer.

Focus on Sustainability

We are aware of how important water and energy has become in our globalized world. For this purpose, we turn to eco-friendly solutions in denim production and provide support to manufacturers using less chemicals, energy, water and manpower.

JEANSTANBLUE is which we established with our professional team, which we set out with the logic of freelance work, was also the first company on the world and in Turkey to operate in the field of Denim Laser Design.

In Turkey and in the world in denim design and denim wash to be the first choice in the global industry. Denim will be a bright and preferred investment for international denim brands and investors. JEANSTANBLUE; It will provide fast and sufficient support for its customers.

Having been active in the Denim industry for some time, JEANSTANBLUE invests in improving quality and commitment as they are the main factors of business continuity. That’s the secret to our success. After investing in new R & D, we are confident that there will be no need to go anywhere else when you feel the product in both denim fabric and clothing. JEANSTANBLUE offers the best and most unique combination of product, price and commitment.

Integrity, Care, Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation.