Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

JEANSTANBLUE Design Support Program; It is a remote laser pattern design service that is rented as a whole with all its functions for a certain period of time and used by jeans manufacturers.

JEANSTANBLUE is a design office that produces laser designs based on the request of the brands and the solutions of the manufacturers. We produce economical design-oriented solutions at every point where there is communication between the brand and the customer.

We are aware of how important water and energy has become in our globalized world. For this purpose, we turn to eco-friendly solutions in denim production and provide support to manufacturers using less chemicals, energy, water and manpower.

The design support program is hosted by JEANSTANBLUE and it is never open to a 3rd party sharing. The software, design, source codes and database are under JEANSTANBLUE control and access and all rights are reserved.

JEANSTANBLUE; acts in accordance with the principles of confidentiality about the information, content and documents transferred in written, verbal, magnetic media or in any other way and does not use this information in any way other than the purpose of the contract.

In addition, it has taken maximum security measures to prevent unauthorized persons from using this information by ensuring confidentiality of all kinds of documents and information regarding unannounced products and services.

Remote laser design support; You can send the designs that need to be edited via e-mail and you can direct our design team by stating your criticis or sample images for the design you need your can send and request laser drawing of images or similar designs.

Physical support; working with like a your workers with day/pay. Customer can request physical support from JEANSTANBLUE on certain days of the month, provided that they make an appointment beforehand. Customer working policy will ensure that all laser works requested from JEANSTANBLUE are in line with the customer request during working hours. JEANSTANBLUE; laser pattern drawing, conversion of manual sanding work to laser process, laser prints, It will provide support to the customer in washing effects, production optimizations, collection preparations and graphic design works.